Florida flambe

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Alternative forms[edit]

  • Florida flambé


Florida flambe (plural Florida flambes)

  1. (derogatory) Burning (catching fire) during execution by electric chair. [from the late 1990s]
    • 1997 April 5, Pitts, Leonard, “Fiery execution shows lie of ‘humane’ death penalty”, in The Free Lance-Star, page A15:
      Medina was killed, then cooked, becoming the second inmate in seven years to suffer the Florida flambe.
    • 1997 June 6, Jarnagin, Elizabeth, “Pro-life consistency means opposing death penalty”, in Amarillo Globe-News[1]:
      There's a nice new death chamber in Terre Haute, Ind., just waiting for ya. No Florida flambe there. A slight boo-boo occurred not long ago when Florida fired up "Old Sparky" to execute a criminal. The guy's face mask flared up. Most grisly. A Florida district attorney glibly said the moral of the mishap was not to commit crime in Florida if you don't want the same treatment.
    • 2005 August 19, Cha, “Ms. Harris's "felon purge"”, in democraticunderground.com[2]:
      This is why harris should go down in Florida Flambe.

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