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From Ancient Greek Γαῖα (Gaîa).


Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Greek mythology) A Greek goddess, the personification of the earth, and one of the primordial deities from whom all the others descend.
    • 1858, W[illiam] E[wart] Gladstone, “Ilios. The Trojans Compared and Contrasted with the Greeks.”, in Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age. [...] In Three Volumes, volume III, Oxford: At the University Press, OCLC 813305724, page 153:
      While investigating the Greek mythology, we have found reason to suppose that Juno, Ceres, and Gaia are but three different forms of the same original tradition of a divine feminine: of whom Ceres is the Pelasgian copy, Juno the vivid and powerful Hellenic development, and Gaia the original skeleton, retaining nothing of the old character, but having acquired the function of gaol-keeper for perjurors when sent to the other world.
  2. Alternative spelling of Gaia.

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