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Alternative forms




From Old Irish Goídelc.



Proper noun


Gaelg f (genitive Gaelgey)

  1. The Manx Gaelic language
    Synonym: Manninish
    Cha ren mee rieau toiggal Gaelg dy mie.I never could understand Manx.
    Myr she Manninagh mish ta Gaelg aym.Being a Manxman I speak Manx.
    T'eh gynsaghey Gaelg da ny paitçhyn echey.He is teaching his children Manx.
  2. Gaelic
    Gaelg Albinagh, Gaelg ny HalbeyScottish Gaelic
    Vel peiagh erbee as Gaelg echey ayns shoh?Is there a Gaelic speaking person here?

Derived terms



Manx mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
Gaelg Ghaelg Ngaelg
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.