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Gazza +‎ -mania


Gazzamania (uncountable)

  1. (informal) Enthusiasm for the English footballer Paul Gascoigne (born 1967).
    • 1995, Roger Horrocks, Male myths and icons: masculinity in popular culture, page 162:
      Thus, Gazzamania conceals a complex sub-text about three things: gender; the white male body; and the British working class (and its relations with other classes).
    • 2009, Ben Carrington, Ian McDonald, Marxism, cultural studies and sport (page 78)
      Paul Gascoigne went from being the focal point of Gazzamania to sad, fat clown in a matter of months []
    • 2011, Simon Kuper, Football Against The Enemy
      Gazzamania, that much is clear, took off after the World Cup semi-final between England and Germany in Turin.