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Gothic +‎ -ise


Gothicise (third-person singular simple present Gothicises, present participle Gothicising, simple past and past participle Gothicised)

  1. (transitive) To make Gothic in style or character.
    • 2006, Veronica Ortenberg, In Search of the Holy Grail: The Quest for the Middle Ages:
      ..He was commissioned to Gothicise the royal apartments at Windsor and to work on William Beckford's house at Fonthill.
    • 2012, Andrew Smith, Victorian Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion, page 229:
      Her tales of benevolent ghosts Gothicise everyday domestic space.
    • 2012, Isabella Van Elferen, Gothic Music: The Sounds of the Uncanny
      Music can be a Gothicising factor in the cinema without necessarily being representative of the genre itself: the performativity of musical connotations can cause a Gothicising of the film narrative or imagery.