Great Satan

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A calque of Persian شیطان بزرگ (šeytân-e bozorg), which is more often the name of the largest of the three jamarat at which stones are thrown during the hajj.

Proper noun[edit]

Great Satan

  1. (pejorative, mostly used by Muslims, especially in Iran) The United States of America, particularly with regard to its supposedly imperialist foreign policy.
    • 2007, Alexander Cockburn, Will they nuke Iran?, in The Free Press [1]:
      Ahmadinejad, facing serious political problems, can posture about standing up to the Great Satan.
    • 2007, Swapan Dasgupta, Muslims aren't the only voters, in The Pioneer [2]:
      Or, have Muslims been alienated from the Congress because of the Prime Minister's warm embrace of the Great Satan?