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growl +‎ -ery



Growlery (plural Growleries)

  1. A place to retreat to, alone, when ill-humoured.
    • 1853, Charles Dickens, Bleak House:
      "Sit down, my dear," said Mr. Jarndyce. "This, you must know, is the Growlery. When I am out of humour, I come and growl here."
    • 1895, St. Nicholas - Volume 22, Part 2, page 1045:
      Hi ! the Howlery ! ho ! the Growlery ! Ha ! the Sniffery, Snarlery, Scowlery ! There we may stay, If we choose, all day; But it 's only a smile that can bring us away.
    • 2006, Sarah Luria, Capital Speculations: Writing and Building Washington, →ISBN, page 92:
      As such, the Growlery again frustrates what Doublass sees as a peculiarly American obsession with pigeonholing things in terms of race.