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Blend of half +‎ African


Halfrican (plural Halfricans)

  1. (perhaps offensive) A person who is biracial, with one black parent and one of another race.
    • 1994, Myra Goldberg, Whistling and Other Stories, page 177:
      My son who calls himself a Halfrican-American flattens his hair by pressing the top of his head against the wall in our hallway.
    • 2004, Nicole Bailey-Williams, Floating (novel), Random House, →ISBN, page 128:
      [] ¶ “White girl!” ¶ “Nigger bitch!” ¶ “HALFRICAN!” ¶ “MUTT!” ¶ “HALF-BREED!” ¶ []
    • 2005, Wendy Coakley-Thompson, What You Won’t Do For Love (novel), Dafina Books, →ISBN, page 79:
      "Oh, Biracial Humor!" Devin laughed. "Too clever for me!"
      He laughed, but the comment stung. It always had. It meant that even his closest friends saw him as inauthentic, the fake McCoy, a Halfrican.