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Name of an amiable but stupid character who gorges on beer and doughnuts in the long-running animated television series The Simpsons, said to be named after a character in Nathanael West's novel The Day of the Locust (1939).


Homer Simpson (plural Homer Simpsons)

  1. A person who is foolish, easily distracted, and/or gluttonous.
    • 2001, Brent Peterson, The Complete Idiot's Guide to RVing
      A few months of this torture, and even the finest treads may begin to resemble a donut with a Homer Simpson-size bite out of it.
    • 2002, Weekly World News (volume 24, number 16, December 2002)
      Find out if you owe birth to an Albert Einstein or a Homer Simpson!
    • 2004, Serge P Shohov, Frank H Columbus, Advances in Psychology Research
      Sample insults calling the recipient a slut, a bookworm, bucktoothed; characterizing them as having a "Homer Simpson gut," a crooked ponytail...
    • 2005, Tony Carlson, The How of WOW: A Guide to Giving a Speech that Will Positively Blow 'em Away
      I struggle to remember even a Homer-Simpson handful of them, even those that arose from my own fevered keyboard.
    • 2009, Todd Tucker, Atomic America
      One of the employees, apparently a Homer Simpson prototype, "goosed" the man...