Homo sapien

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Alternative forms[edit]


Back-formation from Homo sapiens. (Which is taken to be a plural form.)


Homo sapien (plural Homo sapiens)

  1. (proscribed) A member of the species Homo sapiens.
    • 1953, T. R. Schaffler, A Formula for the Process of Socialization, in Journal of Educational Sociology, Vol. 27, No. 2
      A child possesses no human nature at birth. At this time he is only a raw homo sapien with human nature potentials, ...
    • 1982, Emmett Davis, The Ethics of Information Serving Homo Sapiens Vs. Homo Biblios, in Ethics and Reference Services
      In designing the institutions called libraries, we have underemphasized both the contribution each homo sapien, indeed each element of creation, is offering the universe and the support that records of knowledge can provide each homo sapien during portions of their lives to maximize those contributions.
    • 2000, Lauretta Lueck, The Many Waters
      As we know, there were many types of hominids, and in various stages of development, but none were modern, or completely Homo sapien.
    • 2003, Danny Pate, Creation
      The Anatomically modern Homo sapien was merely a beast who looked exactly like Man. That’s because God used this Anatomically modern Homo sapien as a prototype in creating Adam and Eve.

Usage notes[edit]

This form is considered nonstandard, since the Latin root word sapiens is actually an adjective, and is the singular form.