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From a recurring sketch in British 1990s comedy series The Fast Show, in which a character embarrasses himself and announces "I'll get my coat" before departing.



  1. (Internet slang, Britain, humorous) An admission that one has embarrassed oneself and should leave.
    • 1999, "[TAA]GreyJackal", Quake2.uk.ng ... Hello...anyone there? (on newsgroup uk.games.computer.quake2)
      No probs, although I dunno why you'd want to go in there in the first place...bunch of weirdos in there....whaddya mean I've been seen there? Ah..erm...IGMC.
    • 2002, "No Sheds", Native American Corner... (on newsgroup uk.rec.humour)
      The Indian brave [1] inherited a wigwam. This left him in a bit of a quandary. Which to use? His old Tepee, or his new Wigwam? He was sorely vexed by his dilemma, so much so that he couldn't get to sleep. He went to see the medicine man. "I know what your problem is" said the medicine man "Your two tents" IGMC
    • 2012, "Mike Brown", Radio mic frequency. (on newsgroup uk.tech.broadcast)
      As no-one else seems to have pointed it out, I will. LICENCE is perfectly good English spelling. In England we tend to use LICENSING and LICENCE wheras[sic] LICENSE is regarded as an Americanism. IGMC.