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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Internet) Initialism of Internet Relay Chat.
  2. (US law) Initialism of Internal Revenue Code.
  3. Initialism of International Rescue Committee.

Derived terms[edit]


IRC (plural IRCs or IRC's)

  1. (postal) Initialism of international reply coupon.


IRC (third-person singular simple present IRCs, present participle IRCing, simple past and past participle IRCed)

  1. (intransitive, Internet, informal) To participate in Internet Relay Chat.
    • 1995, Stuart Harris, The Irc Survival Guide:
      <Xantha> <- irced 2 yrs without aliases []
    • 2002, James Arnt Aune, Selling the Free Market:
      [] IRCing can confirm the observation that work and play appear to constitute a continuum for the digerati.
    • 2004, Allison Rushby, Friday Night Cocktails:
      [] not that this is strange or anything, I do the same thing myself when I'm IRCing — there're some real weirdos out there roaming the Net []