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Imagism (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of imagism
    • 1989, Brian Trehearne, Aestheticism and the Canadian Modernists, page 40:
      The same will be true of Imagism: a certain degree of variation from a purist definition of the school will take us to a kind of poetry that “Imagism" can no longer describe, although we may still wish to speak of Imagistic tendencies or echoes in the derivative verse.
    • 2001, Chris Beyers, A History of Free Verse, page 135:
      In contrast, the short-line poetry that flowered in Imagism offers a kind of homogeneity that follows its own set of decorums, tending to exclude other modes.
    • 2001, Georgina Taylor, H.D. and the Public Sphere of Modernist Women Writers, page 81:
      While in general the male 'Imagists' had either never positively committed to Imagism per se (D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce) or had moved on to other projects (Pound, Wyndham Lewis) without being succeeded by a second generation, for these women Imagism opened up more long-term possibilities.