Imperial Stormtrooper

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Alternative forms[edit]


Imperial Stormtrooper (plural Imperial Stormtroopers)

  1. A member of a fictional race of genetically engineered soldiers in the Star Wars universe.
    • 1997, Gerrie Lim, Inside the outsider: a decade of shooting the pop culture breeeze,[sic] page 31:
      There'll be a little bit of the Imperial Stormtrooper thing with the boombox, along with a little bit of casual fingerpicking.
    • 2002, Christopher Brookmyre, Country of the Blind, page 87:
      The young policeman had given up on playing the Imperial Stormtrooper and had sat down, loosening the strap on his semi-automatic so that it lay across his lap under the dismal tabloid.
    • 2003, Paul McAuley, Whole Wide World, page 66:
      The security guards in Imperial Stormtrooper body armour, better armed than any police, were not much impressed by my warrant card []