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Indian English (countable and uncountable, plural Indian Englishes)

  1. A major dialect of the English language, spoken in many varieties in India and by people from India.
    • 1986, McCrum, Robert, William Cran, & Robert MacNeil, The Story of English, Viking Penguin Inc., page 329
      Much more common was the bureaucratic use of Indian English. Below the level of the most highly educated, whose English was invariably modelled on old-fashioned teaching, were the English-using clerks of the Imperial administration.
  2. One of the specific varieties of Indian English.
    • 2012, James Lambert, “Beyond Hobson-Jobson: A new lexicography for Indian English”, in World Englishes[1], page 294:
      The Indian Englishes range from very basic English to what might be considered a standard educated Indian English.