Jackson Pollocked

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Jackson Pollocked (comparative more Jackson Pollocked, superlative most Jackson Pollocked)

  1. Having been splattered.
    • 1987 Fiona Pitt-Kethl, Private Parts, [1]
      A heavy-duty cleaning team descend to terminate the Jackson-Pollocked floor
    • 2005 Darragh Johnson, 'The Washington Post', Wednesday, November 23, 2005, [2]
      Now upside down, each Thanksgiving dinner slides in front of another guy in a yellow plastic apron Jackson-Pollocked with vivid red blood.


Jackson Pollocked

  1. Splattered: simple past tense and past participle of Jackson Pollock
    • 2001 Tim Moore, Frost on my Mustache, page 83
      and to have my face Jackson Pollocked by the muddy spray from his rear wheel
    • 2007 Dana Vachon, Mergers & Acquisitions, Page 94
      ...whose carpet had once been gray, but over the years had been Jackson Pollocked with tumbling chunks of sesame chicken...

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