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From the style of Jackson Pollock, an American 20th century painter whose characteristic works were created by splattering, dripping or pouring paint onto the canvas.


Jackson Pollocked (comparative more Jackson Pollocked, superlative most Jackson Pollocked)

  1. Having been splattered.
    • 1987 Fiona Pitt-Kethl, Private Parts, [1]
      A heavy-duty cleaning team descend to terminate the Jackson-Pollocked floor
    • 2005 Darragh Johnson, 'The Washington Post', Wednesday, November 23, 2005, [2]
      Now upside down, each Thanksgiving dinner slides in front of another guy in a yellow plastic apron Jackson-Pollocked with vivid red blood.


Jackson Pollocked

  1. Splattered: simple past tense and past participle of Jackson Pollock
    • 2001 Tim Moore, Frost on my Mustache, page 83
      and to have my face Jackson Pollocked by the muddy spray from his rear wheel
    • 2007 Dana Vachon, Mergers & Acquisitions, Page 94
      ...whose carpet had once been gray, but over the years had been Jackson Pollocked with tumbling chunks of sesame chicken...

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