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Jewhatred (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of Jew-hatred
    • 1984, Robert J. Loewenberg, An American idol: Emerson and the "Jewish idea", page 2:
      We are inclined to seek out the character of Jewhatred at the phenomenological and historical levels regarding both its origins and its historical recurrences.
    • 1992, Herbert Arthur Straus, Hostages of Modernization: studies on modern antisemitism, 1870-1933/39, →ISBN, page 25:
      Its representatives distanced themselves from the crass, plebeian, materialistic Jewhatred of the "simple people."
    • 1998, George H. Guthrie, The NIV Application Commentary: Hebrews:
      [] this Christian anti-Semitism prepared the ground for the more radical Nazi Jewhatred that produced the Holocaust.