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Joe's + Diner


Joe's Diner (plural Joe's Diners)

  1. A placeholder name for a fictional or hypothetical everyman's restaurant, particularly a single small, local business contrasted against large businesses or franchises.
    • 1983, Fred Steingold, Legal Master Guide for Small Business, page 206:
      Whether your business is called "Exxon" or "Joe's Diner," the name is a valuable asset.
    • 1999, John G Koeltl and John S Kiernan, The Litigation Manual, page 163:
      If you are trying a case in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, arrive a few days early. Walk around town. Get a haircut at the local barbershop. Grab a burger at Joe's Diner.
    • 2002, Clayton W. Barrows, Thomas F. Powers, and Jo Marie Powers, Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, Fifth Edition and NRAEF Workbook Package, page 148
      In the hamburger segment, for instance, competition had gone from Joe's Diner versus McDonald's to McDonald's versus Burger King versus Wendy's versus Hardee's.
    • 2003, Carrie Bickner, Web Design on a Shoestring, page 34:
      I don't care whether you are working in Joe's Diner or at The Four Seasons; your customer should never have to give your service enough thought to evaluate it.

Usage notes[edit]

In addition to the fictional and hypothetical senses, there are many real eating establishments named "Joe's Diner".


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