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  1. gostilna
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  3. wafflehouse
  4. eat-all-you-can
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  6. food truck
  7. fish-and-chipper
  8. dinner theater
  9. bruncheonette
  10. victualling house
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  1. go Dutch
  2. Oporto
  3. eating establishment
  4. drive-in
  5. public house
  6. greasy spoon
  7. taqueria
  8. McDonald's
  9. takeaway
  10. pop-up

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English terms related to restaurants (including pubs, cafés etc.).

NOTE: This is a "related-to" category. It should contain terms directly related to restaurants. Please do not include terms that merely have a tangential connection to restaurants. Be aware that terms for types or instances of this topic often go in a separate category.