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truck stop (plural truck stops)

  1. (chiefly Canada, US) A roadside service area, usually consisting of a restaurant and service station and sometimes a motel or hotel, where drivers of long-haul trucks can stop to refuel, eat, and rest.
    • 1996 Dec. 18, Dirk Johnson, "Nostalgia Shaped Some Teamster Votes," New York Times (retrieved 27 July 2012):
      Any teamster pulling into a truck stop today will almost surely be vastly outnumbered by nonunion drivers.
    • 2001 June 24, Nadya Labi, "Amiss Among The Amish," Time:
      Nestled in the rolling hills of Lancaster County, the town of Gap is a sprawling collection of clapboard houses, strip malls and a truck stop named Touch O' Home.


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