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1990s: blend of breast +‎ restaurant.


breastaurant (plural breastaurants)

  1. A restaurant featuring scantily clad female waitstaff.
    • 1993 October 6, “Cheap Thrills”, in The Roanoke Times:
      Two things attracted Andrew Rodgers and his bachelor-party buddies to Hooters of Virginia, Inc., Roanoke's first and only “breastaurant.”
    • 1995 June 4, Denise Flaim, “Is Hooters Too Hot for the Island?”, in Newsday:
      And feminists aren't the only ones complaining about the Island's inaugural “breastaurant”: Concerned parents whose broods play in the park across the street wonder how to shield them from the chain's double-entendre name, which is about as sophisticated as those looseleaf notes you furtively passed in high school health class.
    • 2012, Josh Pahigian; Kevin O'Connell, The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip: A Fan's Guide to Major League Stadiums, Lyons Press, ISBN 9780762773404, page unnumbered:
      Busting out of Las Vegas and onto the local pub scene is this breastaurant. Think Hooters girls in micro-kilts and push-up bras.
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  2. (humorous) A lactating woman or her breasts, viewed as a source of nutrition for a child.
    • 1998, Janet Tamoro, So That's What They're For!: Breastfeeding Basics, Adams Media, ISBN 155850611X, page 193:
      Helen calls her chest the “breastaurant.” By the time Lili was three months old, Helen says, breastfeeding — oh, excuse me, eating at the breastaurant — became a piece of cake.
    • 1999, Pregnancy Fitness, Three Rivers Press, ISBN 9780609801598, page 157:
      No small wonder, since your little one uses your breasts as everything from food supply to a source of comfort. Although time is the best healer, there are some things you can do until your body gets used to being a “breastaurant”: []
    • 2000 November 12, Lea Haravon Collins, “BST (Baby Standard Time) always means serious adjustment”, in The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa:
      After a long feed, she's sleeping. I take this opportunity to transform from nurser to writer, and I don't know how much time I have until I must, Supermanlike, make the quick change back into “breastaurant” again.
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