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Alternative forms[edit]


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pop-up (not comparable)

  1. Coming into view suddenly from a concealed position.
    I packed a pop-up hamper in my suitcase.
  2. Opening out to form a three-dimensional structure when the page of a book is opened.
  3. Operating or existing for a brief period only; temporary.
    • 2017 May 13, Barney Ronay, “Antonio Conte’s brilliance has turned Chelsea’s pop-up team into champions”, in the Guardian[1]:
      But then this is essentially a pop-up team, glued into place brilliantly, with certain parts already chafing and smoking. Chelsea’s two top goalscorers could be off in a month, Diego Costa to cause an international incident in China, Hazard to the usual summer suspects.
  4. (military) Employing the cold launch technique.


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pop-up (plural pop-ups)

  1. A pop-up advertisement; an advertisement that is triggered to appear on a computer screen when an Internet user accesses a particular web page.
  2. (baseball) A pop-up ball: a ball that has been hit to a considerable height above the infield or the shallow outfield; a pop fly.
  3. A folded paper element which pops up from a book, greeting card, etc.
  4. A business that quickly pops up, such as a temporary restaurant.
    • 2012, Sam Benson, Alison Bing, Coastal California (published by Lonely Planet)
      Pop-ups often charge restaurant prices, but without advance menus, quality control, health-inspected facilities or professional service. Bring cash and arrive early: most pop-ups don't accept credit cards, and popular dishes run out fast.



See also Thesaurus:pop-up.

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