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The URL is together with the URN inside any URI



URL (plural URLs)

  1. Initialism of Uniform Resource Locator: the address of a web page, FTP site, audio stream or other Internet resource.
    https://en.wiktionary.org/ is the URL of English Wiktionary.
    Hypernyms: IRI, URI
    1. (metonymically) a domain name
      • 2010 September 14, Kit Eaton, “From URLs to Apple Apps: A Brief History of Cybersquatting”, in Fast Company[1]:
        Google itself has even been accused of profiting from the work of cybersquatters who buy URLs that are near to famous ones, but which often get mistyped–a practice known as typosquatting.
      • 2011 June 14, Michael Agger, “Google Kids: The Sequel”, in Slate[2]:
        This illegal activity involves buying a URL that’s a misspelling of a popular kids site, e.g. bobthebiulder.com, and then serving hardcore porn ads.
      • 2012 December 31, Alyson Shontell, “Meet Page Howe, A Man Who Made Millions Selling 2 Of The World's Most Expensive Domain Names”, in Business Insider[3]:
        For a few days leading up to Christmas that year, Howe set up a kiosk in a mall that sold domain names to average shoppers. They sold about 50 of them to people who were persuaded to buy a url and a hosting package for a present instead of a traditional gift for families and friends.
      • 2013 November 16, Ben Richmond, “Some of the Fraudulent Obamacare Sites Work Better Than the Real Thing”, in Motherboard[4]:
        Some of them appear to be simple website squatting, buying URLs in hopes that someone else will pay a premium for the real estate later […]
      • 2023 May 30, Sarah Jones, “The Revolt of the Other Mothers”, in Intelligencer[5]:
        She bought a URL from GoDaddy and Defense of Democracy was born.
  2. (US, military, nautical) Initialism of unrestricted line officer.
    Hypernym: line officer
  3. (medicine, statistics) Initialism of upper reference limit.
    Coordinate term: LRL


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  • IPA(key): [jɯ̟ᵝːa̠ːɾɯ̟ᵝe̞ɾɯ̟ᵝ]


URL(ユーアールエル) (yūārueru

  1. Uniform Resource Locator