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A ruin pub in Budapest


Calque of Hungarian romkocsma.


ruin pub (plural ruin pubs)

  1. A bar, selling alcoholic beverages, inhabiting an old building left in a ramshackle condition; a popular style of pub in Budapest.
    • 2011 August 15, Mark Baker, “The 'ruin pubs' of Budapest's seventh district”, in BBC[1]:
      Each ruin pub is unique, but they all share certain similarities. The main ingredient is usually an abandoned building, preferably with a vacant lot nearby to hold picnic tables and a few beer taps.
    • 2013, Kenneth Rosenberg, chapter 32, in Memoirs of a Starving Artist: An Itinerant Writer's Journey through an Unconventional Life, →ISBN, page 295:
      “Let's go to Corvinteto,” she said, mentioning the ruin pub in the old abandoned department store near her apartment. “I need a drink.”
    • 2014, Rick Steves, Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2015: The Travel Skills Handbook, Avalon Travel, →ISBN, page 705:
      I say how much I like the shabby lounge atmosphere of a ruin pub, and Laura declares that this one, Szimpla Kert (which means “Simple Garden”), is the mecca of ruin pubs.