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Alternative forms[edit]


drive-through (not comparable)

  1. Of an establishment, providing service to occupants of automobiles while still in their still-running vehicle.
    I switched banks so that I could use a drive-through branch near my home.
  2. Of a feature of such an establishment (especially a window), adapted to provide such service.
    The restaurant’s drive-through window had a turntable of bulletproof glass designed to allow transactions while preventing robberies.

Derived terms[edit]


drive-through (plural drive-throughs)

  1. An establishment, especially a restaurant, providing drive-through service.
    Since I was pressed for time, I picked up burgers at a drive-through on the way home.
  2. The window of such an establishment adapted for such purpose.
    “Please pull forward and pay at the drive-through,” said the attendant upon taking my order.

Derived terms[edit]


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