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Kafirism (uncountable)

  1. The kafir mindset
    • 2007 Ranjit Matthews, Re: Senator calls for Mecca and Medina to be nuked in retaliation Group: soc.culture.indian
      If it were, it would lose because you can't defeat a religion militarily. You can. Jahaliya was cleansed out of Arabia. More recently, Sufism was eliminated in the Hejaz. Kafirism was wiped out in Kafiristan (Nuristan).
    • 2013 Satya D, Fwd: Muzaffarnagar: And this is what happened... Group: Stop Corruption Worldwide
      Jats and Muslims have had a longstanding alliance in this region,= so it came as a big surprise to many of them that idea of anti-Kafirism ha= d entered into Western UP with such violence. First few days were a complet= e surprise for Jats as they faced these relentless attacks by organized mob= s with unheard of weapons.
    • 1996 Hammad Awan, Look who's fool? Group: alt.religion.islam
      Ahmadiyya is equivalent to Kafirism. If the Ahmadis had any sort of respect, they would stop using the name of Islam, and start using the name of their own little deviant religion to spread it.