Kendrick Extrication Device

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Named after its inventor, Richard Kendrick.


Kendrick Extrication Device (plural Kendrick Extrication Devices)

  1. a specialized immobilization backboard device used to protect the spinal cord in patients that are found in a confined or seated position such as a car in auto extrications
    • 1997, Ian Greaves, T. J. Hodgetts, Keith Porter, Emergency care: a textbook for paramedics
      The extrication devices (such as the Russel Extrication Device, REDTM, or the Kendrick Extrication Device, KEDTM) are short, moulded, rigid boards which are placed along the spine and strapped to the patient.
    • 2000, Brian Dolan, Lynda Holt, Accident and emergency: theory into practice
      In current use are the Kendrick Extrication Device (KED), the Russell Extrication Device (RED) and the ED2000.
    • 2009, United States Army, Casey Bond, 68w Advanced Field Craft: Combat Medic Skills
      Spine Boards and the Kendrick Extrication Device (KED) Spine boards and the KED aid in rescuing and immobilizing casualties with known or suspected spinal fractures.
    The Kendrick Extrication Device can be very hard to utilize in jaws of life situations and you simply have to do the best you can.