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Kolarian (plural Kolarians)

  1. One of the Kol people.
    • 2002, Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Tribal Roots of Hinduism, ISBN 8176252999, page 253:
      Chanda (1969) strongly advocate that the 'Munda' was spoken language of the Kolarians. He also opines that some of Kolarians who were in contact with the Aryans and the Dravidians used Indo-Aryan and Dravidian dialects.
    • 2003, Aisline Earthstorm, Carpathia Tuathenia, ISBN 059526557X, page 13:
      It is the Kolarian and Waryn that have attacked,” he said trembling.
    • 2012, Reginald Fleming Johnston, From Peking to Mandalay, ISBN 1108050492:
      The Kolarians seem to have entered India from the north-east—just as the Aryans afterwards entered it from the north-west—and extended themselves over vast areas from which they were subsequently driven by Dravidians and Aryans.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. The language or language family spoken by the Kolarian people.
    • 1969, Demetrius Charles Boulger, Asian Review, page 504:
      Neo-Indian has retained a few prepositions. Dravidian and Kolarian have none.
    • 1893, Census of India, 1891:
      Kol, Munda, and the dialects classed as "other Kolarian " are recorded almost solely from Sambalpur and the Uria States.
    • 1909, L. Krishna Anantha Krishna Iyer (Diwan Bahadur), The Cochin tribes and castes, page xxviii:
      3,000,000, held aloof from outside influences, retained their tribal usages and primitive religion, and may now be distinguished by their Kolarian speech.