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A Komondor


From Hungarian komondor.


Komondor (plural Komondors or Komondorok)

  1. A large Hungarian breed of livestock guard dog with a long, corded coat.
    • 1948, Brian Seymour Vesey-FitzGerald, The Book of the Dog[1], page 551:
      The coat of the Komondor is extraordinarily profuse and generally matted into a veritable fleece of extreme density.
    • 1982, Proceedings - Vertebrate Pest Conference, page 56,
      In 1981 there were 36 known ranchers in North Dakota that had 52 Great Pyrenees (44 working and 8 training) and 2 working Komondor dogs.
    • 2010, Barry Eaton, Dominance in Dogs: Fact Or Fiction?, unnumbered page,
      For example, the Komondor has a naturally long white coat of matted hair while a Labrador Retriever has short hair that can be sand colored, black or brown.