Lake Michigan-Huron

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Proper noun[edit]

Lake Michigan-Huron

  1. One of the Great Lakes of North America. Hydrologically a single lake, its two basins are traditionally counted as separate lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.
    • 1910, US Congress, Report of the International Waterways Commission on the Regulation of Lake Erie, page 10:
      As backwater from Lake Erie raises the level of Lake St. Clair, so backwater from Lake St. Clair raises the level of Lake Michigan-Huron.
    • 1922, John Hayford, Effects of Winds and of Barometric Pressures on the Great Lakes, Carnegie Institution of Washington, page 28:
      The inflow to Lake Michigan–Huron, through the St. Marys River, from Lake Superior was determined each day... Similarly, the outflow from Lake Michigan–Huron to Lake Erie was determined for each day...
    • 2004, Canadian geographic, volume 124, Royal Canadian Geographical Society, page 96:
      Contrary to popular belief, the largest lake in the world is not Lake Superior but mighty Lake Michigan-Huron, which is a single hydrological unit linked at the Straits of Mackinac. Of all the Great Lakes, Michigan-Huron is the least regulated...
    • 2006, Magnuson, Kratz, & Benson, Long-term dynamics of lakes in the landscape, page 132:
      Of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan-Huron had the highest water levels in midsummer and Lake Superior, in early fall.

Usage notes[edit]

Punctuation varies: Lake Michigan - Huron, Lake Michigan-Huron, Lake Michigan–Huron, Lake Michigan/Huron.