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Map including Lan-t'ien (DMA, 1975)


From Mandarin 藍田蓝田 (Lántián) Wade-Giles romanization: Lan²-tʻien².

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative form of Lantian
    • 1895, James Legge, “The Lî Sâo Poem and its Author”, in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society[1], Stephen Austin and Sons, page 85:
      On this king Hwâi called out all the military strength of his kingdom and led it deep into Chʻin, with whose forces another battle was fought at Lan-tʻien
      . . .
      ² Meaning "Indigo Fields." A district of the department of of Hsî-an still bears the name.
    • 1974, William Watson, Ancient China: The Discoveries of post-Liberation Chinese archaeology[2], New York Graphic Society, →ISBN, page 19:
      We have imagined the habitat of Lan-tʻien Man and his palaeolithic successors to be relatively open terrain of woods and grassland.
    • 1983, Valjean McLenighan, China, A History to 1949[3], Chicago: Children's Press, →ISBN, page 10:
      The first real human beings in China lived about 600,000 years ago. Fossils of Gigantopithecus, a Latin name for Giant Ape, were dug up at Lan-t'ien in the early 1960s. Though they looked a lot like apes, the Lan-t'ien people were among the first of our species to make tools.
    • 2008, William Watson, Jelena Krstovic, editor, Wang Wei (Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)‎[4], volume 100, Gale Cengage Learning, →ISBN, page 286:
      Of more importance are Wang Wei's descriptions of landscapes, particularly those at his country home at Lan-t'ien southeast of Ch'ang-an.