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Latin script (countable and uncountable, plural Latin scripts)

  1. (broadly) The Latin alphabet.
  2. (more precisely) The script (set of symbols) rooted in the Latin alphabet of ancient Rome and adapted over the centuries to form the alphabets of scores of other languages; like Cyrillic script, it corresponds to a family of alphabets rather than a single alphabet.
    • 1880, John Michels, Science, American Association for the Advancement of Science, page 485:
      This comes to us from the writing tradition of two Slavic languages which normally use the Latin script—namely, Polish and Czech.
    • 1942, Jawaharlal Nehru, Glimpses of world history; being further letters to his daughter, written in prison, and containing a rambling account of history for young people, The John Day Company, page 710:
      In 1924 the Soviets held a Conference at Baku to consider this question, and it was decided there to adopt the Latin script for the various Tartar languages of central Asia.
    • 2001, Marie Smyth, Gillian Robinson, INCORE, Researching Violently Divided Societies: Ethical and Methodological Issues, United Nations Univ. Press, page 139:
      Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have adopted Latin script, whereas Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan intend to use the Cyrillic alphabet.
    • 2004, Bonilla, Marcelo, International Development Research Centre (Canada), Internet and Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, page 424:
      Currently the dominance of Internet-based tools and interfaces that accommodate only Latin scripts limits content diversity, the development of local content, and intercultural exchange and collaboration.