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Leo +‎ -mania


Leomania (uncountable)

  1. (informal, 1990s) Enthusiasm for the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
    • 1998, New York (volume 31, page 27)
      "The people closest to him have Leomania worse than anyone," the actor says.
    • 1998, Michael Fleming, DiCaprio hits Beach as Boyle takes helm (in Variety, 10 July 1998)
      Leomania roared with media reports about numerous films he was supposedly doing at salaries as high as $22 million.
    • 1998, Stephanie Scott, Lovin' Leo
      And Leomania has swept the planet. In Japan, fans lined up three nights ahead of time just to catch a glimpse of him arriving at the Tokyo Film Festival.
    • 1999, Louis Turi, The Power of the Dragon:
      Released at the zenith of teenyboppers' Leomania, Mask casts DiCaprio as evil and saintly twins, a dual role that was a royal pain for some critics.