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Borrowed from Hebrew לִילִית(lîlîṯ).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (mythology) A Mesopotamian storm demon, a bearer of disease and death.
  2. (Judaism) The first wife of Adam in Jewish folklore.
    • 1881, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, “Body’s Beauty”, in Ballads and Sonnets, London: Ellis and White, [], →OCLC, page 240:
      Of Adam's first wife, Lilith, it is told / (The witch he loved before the gift of Eve,) / That, ere the snake's, her sweet tongue could deceive, / And her enchanted hair was the first gold.
  3. (astrology) The "dark moon" or "black moon", a fictitious invisible second moon of Earth proposed by astrologers in the early 20th century. Now often interpreted as the position of the apogee of the actual Moon, or as the empty focus of the Moons elliptical orbit (Earth occupying the other focus).[1]
  4. A female given name from Hebrew.


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