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From Ancient Greek λισσός(lissós, smooth) + ἀμφίβια(amphíbia), nominative neuter plural of ἀμφίβιος(amphíbios, two types of life), from ἀμφί(amphí, of both kinds) + βίος(bíos, life).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A taxonomic subclass within the class Amphibia – the recent (early Mesozoic to present) amphibia.

Usage notes[edit]

Lissamphibia has previously been used to include all extant amphibians, while excluding the main Paleozoic tetrapod groups. There is debate as to whether it constitutes a clade. Some writers argue that Gerobatrachus hottoni (early Permian) belongs in Lissamphibia. For more details, see Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Lissamphibia on Wikipedia.Wikipedia


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