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London +‎ -phile


Londonphile (plural Londonphiles)

  1. One who is fond of the city of London.
    • 1976, European Community, Issues 192-198, page 38:
      A Londonphile returning to live here after more than six years away in Moscow and Rome is struck at almost every turning by the ways, mostly subtle, she has changed.
    • 2000, Rafe Mair, Rants, Raves, & Recollections, Whitecap Books (2000), →ISBN, page 82:
      I am, unashamedly an Anglophile and, if there is such a word, a Londonphile. My first trip to London did not come until February 1964.
    • 2012, Brian L. Evans, Pursuing China: Memoir of a Beaver Liaison Officer, The University of Alberta Press (2012), →ISBN, page 49:
      I quickly became a Londonphile and did not regret choosing the University of London over Cambridge []