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Coined by Canadian writer Allan Fotheringham with reference to the mythic land of the lotus-eaters in Homer's Odyssey.[1]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (informal) Nickname of the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (and, by extension, the province of British Columbia).
    • 1999, Jim Munroe, Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask, HarperFlamingo Canada (1999), →ISBN, page 10:
      "Vancouver, until about two years ago." I could tell that she was going to regale me about the beauty of Lotusland, where it never snows and pot grows between cracks in the sidewalk.


  1. ^ Bill Casselman, Casselman's Canadian Words: A Comic Browse Through Words and Folk Sayings Invented by Canadians, Copp Clark (1995), →ISBN, pages 76-77

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