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MOOC (plural MOOCs)

  1. A massive open online course designed for a very large enrollment, offered on the World Wide Web by an educational institution and typically free of charge.
    Hyponyms: cMOOC, xMOOC
    • 2011 Aug. 4, Audrey Watters, "Are MOOCs the Future of Online Learning?," (retrieved 17 Jan 2013):
      In some ways, how learning and sharing works in a MOOC is more akin to a social network than to a traditional classroom.
    • 2012 March 4, Tamar Lewin, "Instruction for Masses Knocks Down Campus Walls," New York Times (retrieved 17 Jan 2013):
      Besides the Artificial Intelligence course, Stanford offered two other MOOCs last semester — Machine Learning (104,000 registered, and 13,000 completed the course), and Introduction to Databases (92,000 registered, 7,000 completed).
    • 2013 Jan. 16, Anita Singh and Howard Adelman, "How open courses are changing the modern university," University Affairs (Canada) (retrieved 17 Jan 2013):
      With MOOCs offered by the most renowned professors in their respective fields, students have less incentive to relocate for postsecondary education.


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