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  • Rhymes: -ækə

Proper noun[edit]

Macca (plural Maccas)

  1. (Britain, Australia) A diminutive of any surname beginning with Mac or Mc.
    • 2003, Ian McNamara, On the Road with Macca.
    • 2010, Howard Sounes, Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney, unnumbered page,
      ‘It was just Macca being Macca: thumbs up Macca or prodding Macca.’ As he poked Measles in the chest, Paul asked: ‘What the fuck do you know? I fucking brought you down from Liverpool.’



  1. (Australia, colloquial) A McDonald′s restaurant.
  2. (Australia, colloquial) Macquarie Island; used chiefly by people who have visited the island.
  3. Clipping of Macca Oromo, a tribal grouping of the Oromo people.
    • 2006, Catherine Griefenow-Mewis (editor), The Political Economy of an African Society in Transformation: the Case of Macca Oromo (Ethiopia)[1], page 31:
      We shall use available written accounts and the oral tradition to highlight the Macca expansion and settlement, to study their interaction with other peoples and cultures, and to analyze the subsequent evolutionary and revolutionary changes in their political economy in western central Ethiopia.

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