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Mario +‎ -esque


Marioesque (comparative more Marioesque, superlative most Marioesque)

  1. (video games) Resembling the character Mario or the games in which he appears, typified by bright, cheerful environments, platform obstacles, and often the rescue of a princess from a monster.
    • 1995, "Emeka B. Okwuje", Survey: How many of you are thinking about getting a 3DO (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      Or the clever blend of puzzles and hair raisingly, chilling battles in the kitchen of the conway estate with undead chefs whipping meat cleavers at me, while I mow em down with my shotgun in Killing time, or The Marioesque approach to a 3-d shooter's paradise that is bladeforce, lotsa secrets, but lotsa stuff to destroy!!!
    • 1999, "Frioniel", My Thoughts on Final Fantasy's Genre -- Narrative Games??? (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      Yes, it's becoming possible to do so, but the same can really be said of plenty of genres, including Mario-esque action games.
    • 2000, "Wade E. Solowoniuk", name that game (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      It was a platformer type game. I do not think in [sic] was pengo, but more of a marioesque type platformer.
    • 2000, "Joe Ottoson", Rayman 2 - WOW! (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      I wasn't aware that MDK2 was a Marioesque platformer...