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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name; a less common spelling of Maud.
    • 1860 Mary Jane Holmes: Cousin Maude. BiblioBazaar,LLC, 2007. →ISBN page 14:
      - - - he once more changed the subject of Maude's looks to her name, which he heard was really Matilda. She had been called Maude, Matty said, after one who was once a very dear friend both of herself and her husband.
      "Then we will call her Matilda," said he, "as it is a maxim of mine never to spoil children by giving them pet names."
    • 1957 Jesse L. Lasky: I blow my own horn. Doubleday 1957. page 71:
      "Fine," said Blanche, "but 'Maude' sounds anything but continental."
      "Suppose we change her name to 'Meredith Meredro'," I suggested.