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Planned, running, and recent votes [edit this list]
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Ends Title Status/Votes
Jun 24 Simplifying CFI about constructed languages passed
Jun 26 Removing bureaucrat and checkuser rights for inactivity no consensus
Jul 2 Modern Latin as a WDL 2 Symbol support vote.svg10 Symbol oppose vote.svg6 Symbol abstain vote.svg0
Jul 4 Numbers, numerals, and ordinals 18 (10 people)
Jul 11 Allowing character boxes Symbol support vote.svg5 Symbol oppose vote.svg8 Symbol abstain vote.svg1
Jul 13 borrowing, borrowed 23 (13 people)
Jul 17 Wikidata precautionary principle 12 (9 people)
Jul 22 CFI leading sentence 27 (10 people)
Aug 2 NORM: allow multiple spaces to align equal signs in templates starts: Jul 4
Aug 3 Templatizing topical categories in the mainspace 17 (10 people)
Aug 3 Modern Latin as a LDL or extinct language starts: Jul 5
(=11) [Wiktionary:Table of votes] (=161)

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