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This is a list of all the archived votes.


  • The votes are sorted by the actual closing date (the date of the message sent by the person who closed the vote, in the Result section), not the closing date that was initially scheduled.
  • When no closing date is available (e.g., for votes that never started), it was attempted to find an approximate closing date based on when the vote was last edited by the creator and subsequent editors.
  • When vote didn’t pass, and the number of supports is approximately between 40% or 50%(disputed) and 66.6% (or higher), the vote has “no consensus” as the result listed here, even if the given result in the vote page is “failed”. (this is a minor semantic distinction, either way the vote didn’t pass)
  • The rules above may vary as different people archive more votes using different rules.
  • This is a complete list of past votes, fully revised to date.

List of votes




Lists of votes: