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Minimum 50 edits[edit]

  • Voting on: This vote is to determine the minimum number of edits needed for a vote to count, on en.wiktionary.org's WT:VOTE pages. Previously, there was no limit at all, only a guideline of 50 edits (waived for visiting sister-language Wiktionary contributors.)


  1. Symbol support vote.svg Support SemperBlotto 07:41, 22 September 2006 (UTC) Contributors with 5,000 edits should count double (how do you do a smiley?)
  2. Symbol support vote.svg Support Jonathan Webley 08:01, 22 September 2006 (UTC)
  3. Symbol support vote.svg Support Jeffqyzt 14:03, 22 September 2006 (UTC) With the caveat that we need a mechanism to keep 50 "junk" edits from unlocking.
  4. Symbol support vote.svg Support TheDaveRoss 15:42, 22 September 2006 (UTC) 50 seems decent.
  5. Symbol support vote.svg —Stephen 02:33, 23 September 2006 (UTC)
  6. Symbol support vote.svg Support Kipmaster 08:50, 25 September 2006 (UTC)
  7. Symbol support vote.svg Support --Richardb 05:28, 23 May 2007 (UTC) People must be experienced here (on this project) to make decisions here.


  1. Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose Connel MacKenzie 07:35, 22 September 2006 (UTC) Lets keep the waiver clause intact.
  2. Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose MGSpiller 22:52, 29 September 2006 (UTC) a significant edit count on other wikimedia projects should be sufficient, perhaps 50 on a sister wiktionary, 100 on a wikipedia / wikibook etc. (I seem to recall that I jumped straight in)MGSpiller 22:52, 29 September 2006 (UTC)
  3. Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose ammendum by MGSpiller is good -- Tawker 03:36, 18 October 2006 (UTC)
  4. Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose DAVilla 21:09, 13 October 2006 (UTC) Agree with the above, and scs makes a good point.
  5. Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose per MGSpiller. Jon Harald Søby 20:11, 5 November 2006 (UTC)


  1. Symbol abstain vote.svg Abstain: Since we don't have a voting policy or a consensus on one yet, it doesn't quite make sense to me to vote on the edit minimum. —scs 13:53, 22 September 2006 (UTC)
    Excellent test! I completely forgot about {{abstain}}! --Connel MacKenzie 14:14, 22 September 2006 (UTC)
  2. Comment: Are we including anonymous user accounts with 50 edits in this, or only Users with named accounts? The draft as it stands includes anonymous accounts, which could mean multiple people connecting through the same address. I would support if we limit the 50 edits to created named User accounts, and provided that the 50 edits were somehow meaningful (i.e. not random plagiariam or vandalism). --EncycloPetey 17:34, 22 September 2006 (UTC)
    I honestly don't know. I started this vote mainly as a test that the submit buttons were working as expected...and people started voting while I was still mucking about. Perhaps someone could restart this vote with all the various clarifications? Weren't all comments supposed to go on the talk page? --Connel MacKenzie 21:26, 24 September 2006 (UTC) Well, people have started voting: no real point in discouraging participation, at this point. --Connel MacKenzie 09:52, 26 September 2006 (UTC)
    That's an important clarification. This does not apply to anonymous IPS. Anonymous users are just that, anonymous. Users who want to be active in the community must attach a label by which their contributions can be recognized. DAVilla 21:26, 13 October 2006 (UTC)