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Mexicana (plural Mexicanas)

  1. A store that sells Mexican products.
  2. A spicy pizza with Mexican-style ingredients.
    • 2009, Dave Warner, Charlotte and the Starlet (page 162)
      Overall she thought the Supremo was the best and she was glad she had ordered two. But the two Mexicanas were tasty and the Three Cheeses with thick crust also had something to recommend it.
    • 2010, Rosamund Kendal, The Angina Monologues (page 76)
      Rachael took a bite of her pizza. She had ordered a Mexicana with extra chilli and the peppery heat made her nose run.
    • 2017, David Peak, No. 4 Pickle Street
      We'd have a Mexicana and a Fiorentina, she said. If ever Catherine orders a pizza for you, it's best not to interfere, even if you're not hungry.
  3. A female Mexican