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a monument to Mickey Mantle


After the highly-regarded American baseball player Mickey Charles Mantle (1931–1995).


Mickey Mantle (plural Mickey Mantles)

  1. A popular hero and champion in a field.
    • 1957 September 20, “Egged On: Meggi Lays Claim To Another Title”, in Park City Daily News:
      Meggi O'Day, the Mickey Mantle of the poultry world, has added another championship to her list of titles. The little Leghorn hen laid another egg....
    • 1974 October, Boys' Life, volume 64, number 10, page 9:
      It isn't easy to explain why Danny Blancheflower, the Mickey Mantle of English soccer 15 years ago, says, "Your country is a great frontier town and you have great big attitudes toward things
    • 1979, Bill Neville, Real steel: an investor's and philosopher's guide to the American automobile, page 22:
      This does not mean that the 1940 Buick was the Mickey Mantle of automobiles, but it was an all-star
    • 1990, Emily Couric, The Trial Lawyers: The Nation's Top Litigators Tell How They Win, page 163:
      "The engineers that were put to work on this are ... the Willie Mayses and the Mickey Mantles of the engineering profession. They are devoted, intelligent, honest engineers."
    • 1998 February 23, Kristina Dorsey, “'Damn Yankees' Not A Homer, But A Solid Hit”, in The Day:
      "Damn Yankees" isn't the Mickey Mantle of musical comedies
    • 2004, Business week, number 3914-3922:
      Says James Swanson, chief investment strategist at MFS Investment Management: "They are the Mickey Mantles of the investing world." Harvard Management has achieved this with a formula that bears little resemblance to that of the average
    • 2005, R. Simmons, Real Life Lessons for Teens:
      Nearly all the answers were entertainers or athletes, the Mickey Mantles of your generation - until Sept. 11, 2001
    • 2005, David Ansel, The soup peddler's slow & difficult soups: recipes & reveries, page 148:
      ... the Mickey Mantle of soups, then avgolemono, if you'll humor me, is the Eddie Murray of soups
    • 2007, Christopher Russo; Allen St. John, Matthew Shepatin, The Mad Dog Hall of Fame, page 137:
      And that combination of Hair and efficiency really helped him [Johnny Unitas] become one of football's first television stars, kind of the Mickey Mantle of professional football.

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