Millard Fillmore

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A reference to the 13th President of the United States, often considered the most insignificant of the presidents.


Millard Fillmore (plural Millard Fillmores)

  1. A little-known, unremarkable or insignificant political figure.
    • 1976 August 14, “Republicans Or Whigs?”, in Times-News:
      If President Ford wins the nomination, but loses the election by a huge margin, he will be the Millard Fillmore of 1976
    • 1997 April 18, “`Murder at 1600': Anatomy of a Dud”, in The Salt Lake Tribune:
      It will likely go down as the Millard Fillmore of the bunch -- unremarkable and quickly forgettable.
    • 2007 September 20, “SPEND 'SIMPSONS' TIME READING CONSTITUTION”, in Arizona Republic:
      It is sort of the Millard Fillmore of national events. Although established in 1959, it has been condemned to national anonymity