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This module will transliterate Abkhaz language text per WT:AB TR.

The module should preferably not be called directly from templates or other modules. To use it from a template, use {{xlit}}. Within a module, use Module:languages#Language:transliterate.

For testcases, see Module:ab-translit/testcases.


tr(text, lang, sc)
Transliterates a given piece of text written in the script specified by sc, and language specified by lang. When the transliteration fails, returns nil.

Transliteration for Abkhaz.
local export = {}
local tt = {
	["А"]='Ā', ["а"]='ā', ["Б"]='B', ["б"]='b', ["В"]='V', ["в"]='v', ["Г"]='G', ["г"]='g', 
	["Ӷ"]='Γ', ["ӷ"]='γ', ["Д"]='D', ["д"]='d', ["Џ"]='Ǯ', ["џ"]='ǯ', ["Е"]='E', ["е"]='e',
	["Ҽ"]='Č', ["ҽ"]='č', ["Ҿ"]='Č̣', ["ҿ"]='č̣',  ["Ж"]='Ž', ["ж"]='ž', ["З"]='Z', ["з"]='z',
	["Ӡ"]='Ʒ', ["ӡ"]='ʒ', ["И"]='I', ["и"]='i', ["К"]='Ḳ', ["к"]='ḳ', ["Қ"]='K', ["қ"]='k',
	["Ҟ"]='Q̇', ["ҟ"]='q̇', ["Л"]='L', ["л"]='l', ["М"]='M', ["м"]='m', ["Н"]='N', ["н"]='n',
	["О"]='O', ["о"]='o', ["Ҩ"]='ʿ°', ["ҩ"]='ʿ°', ["П"]='Ṗ', ["п"]='ṗ', ["Ԥ"]='P', ["ԥ"]='p',
	["Р"]='R', ["р"]='r', ["С"]='S', ["с"]='s', ["Т"]='Ṭ', ["т"]='ṭ', ["Ҭ"]='T', ["ҭ"]='t', 
	["У"]='U', ["у"]='u', ["Ф"]='F', ["ф"]='f', ["Х"]='X', ["х"]='x', ["Ҳ"]='Ḥ', ["ҳ"]='ḥ', 
	["Ц"]='C', ["ц"]='c', ["Ҵ"]='C̣', ["ҵ"]='c̣',  ["Ч"]='Č̍', ["ч"]='č̍', ["Ҷ"]='Č̣̍', ["ҷ"]='č̣̍', 
	["Ш"]='Š', ["ш"]='š', ["Ы"]='Ə', ["ы"]='ə', ["Ь"]='’', ["ь"]='’', ["Ә"]='W', ["ә"]='w',	["́"]='́', 
	-- obsolete letters, still in use
	["Ҕ"]='Γ', ["ҕ"]='γ', ["Ҧ"]='P', ["ҧ"]='p',
	-- in borrowings from Russian and other languages
	["Ё"]="Ë", ['ё']='ë', ["Й"]='J', ["й"]='j', ["Ъ"]="ʺ", ['ъ']='ʺ', ["Э"]="È", ['э']='è',
	["Ю"]='Ju', ["ю"]='ju', ["Я"]='Ja', ["я"]='ja',

	-- two letter mapping
	['дә'] = 'd°', ['Дә'] = 'D°', ['ҭә'] = 't°', ['Ҭә'] = 'T°', ['тә'] = 'ṭ°',	['Тә'] = 'Ṭ°', 
	['ӡә'] = 'ʒ°', ['Ӡә'] = 'Ʒ°', ['цә'] = 'c°', ['Цә'] = 'C°',	['ҵә'] = 'c̣°', ['Ҵә'] = 'C̣°', 
	['џь'] = 'ǯ̍', ['Џь'] = 'Ǯ̍', ['жь'] = 'ž̍',	['Жь'] = 'Ž̍', ['шь'] = 'š̍', ['Шь'] = 'Š̍', 
	['жә'] = 'ž°', ['Жә'] = 'Ž°', ['шә'] = 'š°', ['Шә'] = 'Š°', ['гь'] = 'g̍', ['Гь'] = 'G̍', 
	['қь'] = 'k̍', ['Қь'] = 'K̍', ['кь'] = 'ḳ̍', ['Кь'] = 'Ḳ̍', ['ҕь'] = 'γ̍', ['Ҕә'] = 'Γ̍',	
	['ӷь'] = 'γ̍', ['Ӷә'] = 'Γ̍', ['хь'] = 'x̍', ['Хь'] = 'X̍', ['гу'] = 'g°', ['Гу'] = 'G°', 
	['қу'] = 'k°', ['Қу'] = 'K°', ['ку'] = 'ḳ°', ['Ку'] = 'Ḳ°', ['ҕу'] = 'γ°', ['Ҕу'] = 'Γ°', 
	['ӷу'] = 'γ°', ['Ӷу'] = 'Γ°', ['ху'] = 'x°', ['Ху'] = 'X°', ['ҟь'] = 'q̇̍', ['Ҟь'] = 'Q̇̍', 
	['ҟу'] = 'q̇°', ['Ҟу'] = 'Q̇°̍', ['ҳу'] = 'h°̍', ['Ҳу'] = 'H°'

function, lang, sc)
	-- If the script is given as Geor, then forward the transliteration to that module
	if sc == "Geor" then
		return require("Module:Geor-translit").tr(text, lang, sc)
	text = mw.ustring.gsub(text, '[гГӷӶҕҔдДжЖӡӠкКқҚҟҞтТҭҬҵҴхХҳҲцЦџЏшШ].', tt)
	text = mw.ustring.gsub(text, '.', tt)
	return text

return export