Molson muscle

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Molson, a popular Canadian beer brand, + muscle.


Molson muscle (uncountable)

  1. (Canada, humorous slang) Beer belly.
    • 1986, Norman Giesbrecht and Ann E. Cox eds., Prevention, alcohol and the environment: issues, constituencies, and strategies, Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario, p 180:
      We also needed to make the message entertaining. Therefore, we associated the distribution curb [sic] with what is amusingly referred to in Canada as the "Molson Muscle".
    • 1996 [2004], Lee Stones and Michael Stones, Sex May be Wasted on the Young: For Boomers and Beyond, 2nd ed., Concord, Ont.: Captus Press, pp 137–38
      Jim, sporting a gradually growing Molson muscle, is too tired when he gets home from work. He watches T.V. every night and keeps company with a six pack.
    • 2004, Darlene Barriere, On My Own Terms, Bloomington, Ind.: Trafford Publishing, p 197:
      Frank, the Molson-muscle heavyweight, was straightforward.
    • 2007, Michael Blair, The Dells: A Joe Shoe Mystery, Toronto: Dundurn Press, p 132:
      Hallam took a can of Molson Export out of the lunch pail. He popped the tab and guzzled noisily, wiping his mouth with the palm of his hand. He slapped his huge gut. It sounded as if he were slapping a concrete wall. “Gotta keep up the old Molson muscle, eh? Wanna take a shot? Go ahead. I won’t feel a thing.”
    • 2010, Doug Taylor, Arse Over Teakettle: An Irreverent Story of Coming of Age During the 1940s in Toronto, Bloomington, Ind.: iUniverse, p 79:
      He was in his early thirties but was as roly-poly as a middle-aged man. My dad chuckled when he referred to the grocer’s considerable belly as a “Molson’s muscle” and said that Mr. Marlton had enjoyed too much of his own fat meat.