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Morrissey +‎ -esque


Morrisseyesque (comparative more Morrisseyesque, superlative most Morrisseyesque)

  1. Characteristic of Morrissey (born 1959), English singer-songwriter.
    • 2009, Simon Reynolds, Bring the Noise:
      Jangly-pop ought to be danced with Morrisseyesque feyness, above-it-all gestures that echo the 'free dancing' of the counterculture, while the Beefheartian thrash of bands like Stump and A Witness incites a bacchanalian delirium.
    • 2011, Andrew Hiscock, Women Beware Women: A critical guide (page 72)
      The Ward sported a Morrisseyesque quiff and during the scene in which he dances with Isabella wore an outlandish combination of white trousers, white frilly shirt, golfing socks and a dickie bow.
    • 2011, Marcello Carlin, The Blue in the Air (page 136)
      At extremes, though, things can get rather proto-Morrisseyesque. “Nothing Is The Same Anymore” – with equally ludicrous backing vocals (“Hurrah!” “Hee hee!”) – sees Cargill moaning about everything from long hair to moon landings []